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A Selection of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Videos
This page gives access to a selected range of the thousands of Tai Chi related videos currently available on YouTube. They have been sub-divided into categories for your convenience. Select a category from the list in the left hand column.
Videos have been carefully chosen for the performer's apparent internal tai chi skills, rather than total accuracy of performance, though accuracy has been a major factor when I know something about the particular category.
Videos have also been selected where it is thought they may be of use to people trying to learn a particular form or style.
Much of what you see is beyond the range of mere mortals, so if you are learning from a video, please be careful not to over-extend yourself, particularly with moves that involve sinking low or kicking. It can take a long time to even approach the levels of skill on display, and much patience and unforced practice is required.
No videos are actually stored on this website, they are all downloaded directly from YouTube. If videos disappear, or do not seem to be correct, I would be grateful if you would let me know. Suggestions are appreciated.
If a video is of particular interest, I suggest you download it to save yourself bandwidth with repeated viewing. You may need to have something like RealPlayer installed on your machine to do this with YouTube videos.
selected videos
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