Lao Shui Taijiquan
Links to other sites
The website of Peter Gilligan, my tai chi teacher in Belfast. Includes video clips of the Long Yang Small Circle form, and fascinating articles on many aspects of tai chi.
A site that can help you to find a tai chi class in your area.
Michael P. Garofalo's informative and comprehensive web site with masses of information on all aspects of tai chi ch'uan and qi gong.
Don is a pupil and good friend of mine who runs a tai chi class in Nantwich and Malpas, Cheshire.
The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain is the largest collective of independent Tai Chi Instructors in the British Isles. Lots of information on tai chi, forthcoming events and teachers in the union.
A week of Internal arts in the heart of Scotland. Held annually.
A site started only recently (2010). They plan to include a Diary of workshops, classes and events across Europe, plus many other features.
Online Shopping for Tai Chi and Wu Shu related products. Clothes, shoes, DVDs and much more
Website of my Teacher in the West Midlands Faye Yip and her Husband Tary. Faye's father is the globally respected Li Deyin, vice president of the Chinese Wushu Association.
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