Lao Shui Taijiquan
Classic Principles of Taijiquan
Zhang San-Feng's Treatise on Tai Chi Ch'uan
Here you can read interpretations of the famous Treatise on Tai Chi Ch'uan. The original text of Yang Lu-Chan (a great master of the 19th century) says that this treatise was the work of the originator of Tai Chi Ch'uan, Zhang San-Feng, a Taoist priest of Wu Tang Mountain in the 13th century.
Several interpretations of the text are presented here for you to compare and contrast. You can click on an author in the list on the left to see their version of all the principles, or click on a principle in the list on the right to see each author's take on it in one display.
This is not easy stuff, and it can all be difficult to understand. The various interpretations of one principle can seem quite different, especially in style. But they are all well worth pondering on, especially for the serious tai chi student. They can be used as a catalyst to trigger discussion and experimentation, and the effort to understand them can be a valuable resource on your tai chi journey.
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