Lao Shui Taijiquan
10 essentials of taijiquan in Chinese
With thanks to Faye Yip, Yan Yan Yang & Tary Yip
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1. head upright
2. sink chest, pull up back
3. relax the waist
4. know empty & full
5. sink shoulders, drop elbows
6. use mind, not force
7. coordinate upper & lower
8. unify internal & external
9. move with continuity
10. stillness in motion
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Listen to the '10 essential points' of Yang Cheng Fu in Chinese
1. Head Upright so Spirit can reach the Crown
emptying the thoughts & raising the head
empty, lively, pushing up & energetic
Xu Ling Ding Jin
Xū Líng Dǐng Jìn
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2. Sink the Chest & draw up the Back
hollowing the chest to raise the back
hold in the chest & pull up the back
depress the chest & raise the upper back
Han Xiong Ba Bei
Hán Xiōng Bá Bèi
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3. Relax the Waist
relax & loosen the waist
loosening up the waist
Song Yao
Sōng Yāo
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4. Distinguish between Empty & Full
distinguish between substantial & insubstantial
separate empty & full
Fen Xu Shi
Fēn Xū Shí
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5. Sink the Shoulders & drop the Elbows
sinking the shoulder & weighting down the elbow
Chen Jian Zhui Zhou
Chén Jiān Zhuì Zhǒu
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6. Use the Mind & not Force
using intention & not physical strength
use your will & not your force
Yong Yi Bu Yong Li
Yòng Yì Bù Yòng Lì
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7. Coordinate the Upper & Lower Body
synchronize upper & lower body
Shang Xia Xiang Sui
Shàng Xià Xiāng Suí
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8. Harmonize the Internal & External
coordination of the internal & external
match up inner & outer
Nei Wai Xiang He
Nèi Wài Xiāng Hé
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9. Move with Continuity
continuity joined & unbroken
continuously & without interruption
Xiang Lian Bu Duan
Xiāng Lián Bù Duàn
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10. Stillness within Motion
move with tranquility
seek quiescence within movement
Dong Zhong Qiu Jing
Dòng Zhōng Qiú Jìng
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Yang Cheng Fu
Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936)
Author of the ten instructional insights for correct training
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